Itinerary of the mission

Brazil Mission Team Visit 2015
Team Member Host Family

Brazil Teen Missions 2015
Dear Host families,
Here is an updated schedule. Please let us know if you have any comments, suggestions or questions. This should be a wonderful team. Let's all enjoy the Plans our Lord has for these missionaries, our families, church and community.
Karen's cell 831-578 6120 call anytime.
Ed's cell 831-419-9815

Brazil Teen Missions 2015
Team Member & Host Families

1. Rafael D. (Leader TM) Snedekers
2. Daniel Coelho (Pastor) Snedekers - enough English

3. Carolina (15) Wades – enough English
4. Isabela (14) Wades- fluent English

5. Felipe Braz Federdon (20) Coura - enough
6. Pedro Braz Domene (13) Coura - fluent

7. Leonardo  (14) fluent - Whaley's
8. Lucas (16) enough - Whaley's

9. Gabriel (17) - fluent - Thormann
10. Samuel Silva (19) - enough  - Thormann

January 01 Thursday @ 3:00 pm
Arriving from Sao Paulo on SFO DELTA Airlines 
Eat on Five Guys

Host families pick up by 6:00 PM at church.

January 2, Friday (day 1)
9:00 Teen on Training Mission - USA-BRA -  Karen Snedeker
Local service project at Felton Presbyterian Church. Harold will coordinate.
Work with the Christmas stuff.
dinner & spend night with host family

January 3, Saturday (day 2)
9:00 - Missions around the world Kanda &  Harold Whaley
11:00 Sky High Jump
1:00 Second Harvest Food Bank  -  Harvest
dinner at Great Mall??
Elm Street Mission??? Or perhaps Downtown Santa Cruz/Wharf/miniature golf instead of Sky High (see suggestions at end of document)

January 4, Sunday (day 3)
bring SF small suitcase and borrow sleeping bag, pillow, sheets and blanket from host family or talk to Snedekers
9:00 Training on arts and evangelism - Henrique Coura  
10:00 church - group will sing and share Brazil Praise songs - coordinate w/Kanda
Leave church at noon with sack lunch in hand
Spend afternoon in SF.
Drivers: 2 Cars of 5 (minivans?)
dinner & spend night at YWAM (check in about 5:00 or 6:00 PM)

January 5, Monday (day 4)
Training on urban missions with YWAM
meals and spend the night with YWAM San Francisco

January 6, Tuesday (day 5)
Alcatraz + team in San Francisco
Snedeker and ?? pick up @5:00
dinner in Ikea
7:30 families pick up at church

January 7, Wednesday (day 6)
Meet at FPC at 9:00 am
Mission Springs Christian Camp ministry

breakfast needs to be arranged by Teen Missions. Small kitchen available in lodge.
Rafa + 3 will teach Kids Klub @ FPC
Dinners provided by Allison Berg’s Familu
spend night at Mission Springs Covenant Christian Camp

January 8, Thursday (day 7)
Christian Camp ministry
lunch need to be arranges by Teen Missions. Small kitchen available in lodge. Dinners provided by a FPC non-host family?? (Check with Grables & Harris)
spend night at Mission Springs Covenant Christian Camp

January 9, Friday (day 8)
Mission Springs Work Crew

Dinner provided by Charles and Hilda Murry
Sleep at Mission Springs

January 10, Saturday (day 9)
Check-out Mission Springs
Six Flags in Vallejo

Sleep at the camp, or the host families?  

January 11, Sunday (day 10)
Service on the Felton Presbyterian Church
11:00 – Drive to LA with 2 rental cars with 5 ( Drivers: Rafael and Daniel)
Los Angeles Tour – Observatory / Kodak Theater / Beach

January 12, Monday (day 11)
Los Angeles Tour – Observatory / Kodak Theater / Beach

January 13, Tuesday (day 12)
Come Back to Felton
9:00 PM Rafa e Daniel drop off the teens
Drop off rental cars???

January 14, Wednesday (day )
Visit SLVMS and SLVHS schools
Kids Klub
Last Dinner @ the church

January 15, Thursday
Leave for Brazil at 11:30 am at SFO

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